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~following a functional medicine, family-care protocol , including a seriously devulgent lab panels, and much like the Cleveland Clinic  & Dr. Gundrys' auto immune protocols; we're going to help  you peel back the layers of symptoms to dis~ease to find your bodies answer to health and wellness.  "often, it is your food that is your first medicine and bad food that is your first dis~ease.  Answers like, alpha stem for pain or PTSD, depression or anxiety; CBD oil for the same and more, essential oils for the same and more, turmeric and it's corollary - circumin in the finest form to manhandle inflammation and maybe even sleep insufficiencies.  Let's start at the beginning and work our way reasonably forward ..... toegether.  To patient centered activities to create health - Keto!  HFLC, fat fasting, intermittent fasting, inflamatory responses, and more.  Come to the clinc, or the store, and here - online to step into your new journey to healthy living and lifestyles!!

It takes a whole team, including YOU to create answers and health.  ma

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